Sunday, 23 December 2012


One journalist dead, 4 vehicles burned to ashes

As Christmas draws nearer riots in Imphal worsen. Ironically the birth of the ‘Prince of peace’ will be met with one of the most violent protests seen in Imphal this year.

As i sit and type i can swear I heard two gunshots. Around 2pm yesterday curfew was announced in the city for 16 hours, after a journalist Thangjam Nanao Singh alias Dilip was shot by policemen in Thangmeiband,when police opened fire to disperse bandh supporters who torched the vehicle of the officer-in-charge of Lamphel police station.

Thangjam Nanao Singh, a reporter of the Prime Time Channel was taken to RIMS hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. His camera was reported missing after the youth with whom he had left it with was arrested.

The unethical act of confiscation of a journalist’s property by police is condemned by the journalists of Manipur. In act of protest a number of journalists gathered in front of the Lamphel police station last afternoon. Eventually the camera was returned to the Journalist Union. Dilip had filmed the riots where the police tried to disperse protestors by firing guns and tear gas.

The locals of the Thangmeiband area, like everywhere else in Imphal city were protesting the immoral conduct of NCSN IM cadre Livingstone Anal towards a Manipuri Actress Momoko.

On December 19 Momoko along with several artists from Imphal had gone to Chandel district of Manipur to attend a musical concert as special invitees. Livingstone Anal, Lt. Col of the militant outfit NSCN(IM) in an inebriated condition allegedly molested and assaulted the actress. When a colleague artist tried to stop it, Livingstone blank fired on them. This was carried on in the presence of a policeman who was unwilling to engage in the commotion.

Protests against the unacceptable act continue all throughout Imphal and an indefinite bandh has been announced. In many parts of Imphal clashes continue between the protesters and the police.

Natives of the hill districts are most affected as they could not return to their respective places for the Christmas holidays. While the government has provided escorts to protect the buses and vehicles bound to the different districts, reports continue of mob attacks on the vehicles despite the presence of escorts.

Differences continues between the rioters and the police with bandh and curfew being announced side to side. No solution seems near as one incident after the other only aggravate the situation. Furthermore the riot comes dangerously close to attaining a communal colour, with the ongoing issue of Naga peace talks.


Photo: (e-pao) 1. A scene on Imphal streets, 2. Protests by the Artist forum of Manipur.