Sunday, 9 December 2012

                           Little precious Moments.

8 days ago, on December 1, i woke up complaining about my migraine as i had slept a mere 3 hours. It was World's Aids' Day and we had been assigned to cover events in different parts of Chennai City.
7 am in the morning the sun was already up and hot as i walk down Marina Lane with a flustered face.
At that moment in time my awareness was only that i had to cover an HIV Awareness program. My thought  was not on the millions of affected children who woke up knowing that this in the only day in a year that people remember them and actually celebrate for them.
2 hours later i had caught a bus but cursed myself after realising, after two stations, that I'm on the wrong bus.
After getting on the right bus i continued my way towards Nungambakkam where i was to cover the HIV Awareness program.
The Venue was 'Good Shepherd School', a catholic institute for girls. I walked in nonsensical with the sole aim to cover the event be done with and head back to hostel to get some sleep. 
There were around 20 HIV infected kids sitting on the elevated platform in front of the school, the campus was filled with hundreds of students of the school. 
There i sat and watched spell bound at how young the children actually were. I had never felt more humbled in my entire life.
One can never begin to imagine how the children live knowing their lives have been numbered mercilessly for somebody else' mistakes. Talking about suffering and living suffering is altogether different ends of the stick.
Only one day, a few hours of that 'one day', millions of people like me remember them and think about their pain.But they go through life experiencing pain each second..counting down each second of their life.
Though i was not permitted to talk to them personally, i watched them silently and they did not fail to move my proud heart to tears.
8 days have passed..there is nothing i can do for them but to share my experience with a few circle of friends. But they have done a lot for me. They have taught me in their on big way that life is merciless but it is precious at the same time, we only have to appreciate and live the best way we can.

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