Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Priyanka Chopra to play Mary Kom

“I think Manipur is beautiful and I am so happy that I can come to Manipur to shoot here”---Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is visiting Manipur for the purpose of her latest project in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie, where she will play the lead role of Mary Kom.

In a press conference held today at The Classic Hotel, Priyanka expressed her fascination and interest in understanding the life of Mary Kom in her native state.

She said, ““I am very very happy that I’ve got an opportunity to be a part of something which is being made from Imphal especially since Mary is a pride of India and she comes from the north east and I am very fortunate and honored that I get to play her part”.

She added that she will train herself in the art of Boxing to portray the Olympian boxer to the best semblance, “I will have to become a boxer” she laughs.

The actress arrived in Imphal airport yesterday around 2pm and will be leaving today, she expressed that she looks forward to coming back to Manipur “I love the food here so I’ll come back for the food in Manipur”, she added excitedly.

The biopic movie based on the life of five-time World Champion and Olympic bronze medallist, M.C. Mary Kom, is set to bring excitement to people of Manipur. However the movie, to be made in Hindi, has brought a little discomfort among the people as well, as Hindi films are banned in the state.

On the Law and order issues of the state, she anticipates that the film will be able to bridge the gap and since Mary Kom is a pride of Manipur, she hopes “some miracle happens where the people of Manipur can celebrate this movie with us”.

According to the director, the movie will be shot in different places including Manipur and Manali among others. The list of other cast members and the name of the movie has not been released yet.

The bollywood diva who resided in The Classic hotel, Imphal, was said to be taken on tour personally by Mary Kom’s family. “She (Mary) has been very gracious and so has her husband and her family”,  she said.

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Photo Courtesy: Nanadakumar (ISTV) (Snapshots #4 and #5 @Imphal airport)