Monday, 11 March 2013

The hostellers of the University of Madras finnally speaks up

This morning the university of madras, girl's hostel finally decide to make their grievances known. Mother Theresa hostel under the university of Madras in the early morning of 12 March walked out of their respective rooms to protest the water scarcity that has been prevailing for the past 3 rough days

The director of the university along with the previous warden arrived on the scene to pacify the frustrated hosteller. however there is still no sign of the warden of the hostel. According to the hostellers, hey have filed a report with the warden who allegedly replied 'there is no water what can I do?"

The metro works going on around the Chepauk area have resulted in problems of water flow in the hostel according to reports.

Mrs. Sumati, HOD of anthropology department and ex warden, tried to bring the situation down by offering solutions. however the students have refused to move unless a permanent solution is reached.

According to reports the water problems have been a common scene in the hostel. The students have been bearing the water scarcity problems adjusting with the little they get and waiting for the next water flow.

The discussion between the students and the authorities in charge continues with little success.

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